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By cczahnow

July 26, 2015


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I discovered this today, a bio for myself handwritten for “book.”Probably for the follow

up book to “save the teens” that I’ve shied away from for a year now. Maybe this will be my foray back into “Beautiful Disasters – Life with Cameron.”


Carolyn, the mom, stands 5’8″ having grown ¾” inch after many Pilates classes, never as thin as she’d like, and with dark brown hair shoulder or chin length. Her mother graced her with wide hips and dark brown eyes. Her father gave her a dark complexion and mild manner. Overall, she likes her appearance but is always active to keep the sweet calories she enjoys at bay and hopefully off her hips and thighs (and now stomach).

She has a skill for sarcasm; it runs through her blood. Her son inherited this trait as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to stop the flow of sarcasm as it has been known to “cut” some people. Not everyone “gets” or understand that type of humor. Her sarcasm probably cost her jobs over the years but she doesn’t mind really. There’s always another job out there with co-workers who aren’t so touchy.

Carolyn loves to travel and has figured out how to combine her job with new places to visit. She has lived in NC, TN, CA and TX, and has explored each state thoroughly. She has driven across the US twice taking a different route each way in order to explore more states. She will fly when time doesn’t allow a meandering drive. She’s ventured into Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Australia, and the UK. She had hoped to add Finland to her list while working for Nokia but if didn’t materialize.

She has a flair for marketing and sales but also for photography and writing (or at least she thinks so). Getting a BA in Communications made sense to her when she went back to college in her 30s. She proudly graduated from NC State University when she was 40 and then married the next month to her current husband, a second marriage for them both. Carolyn really enjoyed her return to college and it was there that she discovered her love for research and writing.


If there’s more that I should explore or you’d like to read more about, please let me know! Thanks for letting me share this tiny portion of my next book.

Carolyn Z


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