Not again…

My friend and I just returned from a funeral home where the visitation for a young man, in his prime, has senselessly died from a drug overdose. I assume heroin since that is the drug de jour these days. We just wanted to shake all the young people there and scream “Hey! You need to stop doing drugs or you’ll be the next one lying in a coffin with friends sobbing over your untimely death!” There are always so many people at the funerals of young people. Why can’t they learn from their grief?

I would love to hear from someone who does heroin and ask “What is so great about heroin that makes you risk your life each time you inject yourself?” I feel sure everyone who shoots heroin is not an addict; some do the drug for recreation. Yes, drug recreation. Sick, huh?

I’m not going to spout a lot of facts and numbers since that’s not my plea. I pray and plea for people to stop abusing their bodies and find something healthy to do that will make you feel awesome; NOT DRUGS! Doing vigorous exercise will get your endorphins shooting which makes you feel fantastic. And it’s healthy, not harmful.

What about hanging out with drug free friends and going to listen to music then dancing the night away – without using drugs?

So if you abuse or even use heroin or another harmful drug – would you please, for me, stop and think about it. If you can’t stop, ask for help. That could be a drug free friend, relative, neighbor, co-worker, a substance abuse center. These people would much rather see you get help time and time again than attend a funeral where you’re the main character.

Understand that I support grieving people via The Shore Grief Center. Families who have lost people from drug overdoses, suicide, cancer, auto accidents – death in general. Your death leaves them baffled and wondering what they could have done differently to keep you alive.

You will be missed so much after your death. Stop thinking about pleasing yourself and think about those who love you so much. Don’t make them cry for you at a funeral.

We all love you and the life that you’re meant to have. So please stop abusing your body and come back to the land of the living.

Peace out –


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