Help me save the teens

I started Save the Teens the day after my son Cameron died by suicide in 2005. I was worried about his friends doing the same thing he did so I called them, visited with them,  and invited them to come over and be in Cameron’s room. I was exceptionally worried about them.

I was terrified that they would abuse drugs and become addicts like Cameron did. In fact, one teen called to tell me that so-and-so was still using meth even though they told me they had stopped. So I called the teen’s mom and informed her but she said “No, my child does not do meth.”

Well, alrighty then.

I found out later, that yes, indeed, Cameron’s closest friends continued to use meth to cope with their grief. I feel sure they are all past that now as they are 29 and 30 years old.

Hard to believe all the events, happiness, frustration I have missed out on with the death of my only child 12 years ago. But as I state, I am on a mission to save teens.

How am I doing that? For one, I substitute teach and get to know some of the students in the middle and high schools I sub at. I allow them to share things they may not share with their parents. And now that I have a few school years under my belt, some middle schoolers say they remember me from their elementary schools. Love that!

I also have written another book in which I share details of life with Cameron during his last three years on earth. “Beautiful Disasters – A Family’s Journey Through Teen Depression” is ready for you to read and learn. I also like to speak publicly about my experiences of loss, survival and recovery with organizations and groups. Would your organization be interested? If so, contact me and let’s talk.

I hope you will join me on my campaign to save teens!

Carolyn Z