A New Decade – for me

March 13, 2017 – As I enter the next decade of my life I find there are many things I want to do differently. Let’s start with clothes; I don’t want to wear tight pants around my waist, I don’t want short shirts that hug or pull and I want my shoes flat and comfortable. I remember being younger and making fun of older ladies who wore elastic waist pants. I never thought about why they might prefer them. Boy, I know now!

I should make dietary tweaks which it seems I’m always doing! (In my next life I will come back skinny!) Perhaps if I focus on the sweets that I really, really want and not settle for anything sweet. I like my desserts flaky, crispy, luscious, and not too sweet. Chocolate occasionally, love lime and lemon and strawberries. And nuts! I love nuts!

I’d like to focus on being creative rather than just earning money but I may have to wait more years for that to happen. For sure in my next decade!

And my hair, don’t be watching mine to turn into a grandmother shade until the next decade either. I decided several years ago that if I’m not going to be a grandmother, then why should I look like one?

I look forward to shopping for more comfortable clothes, fighting wrinkles, and staying healthy! Join me on my next journey of senior-dom (Yikes! Did I have to say that!?!)

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Carolyn Z