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Another missed birthday

27 years ago today I was finally anointed the title of “mother.” What an honor and experience to become Jace Cameron Stephenson ‘s mother/ mommy and then finally mom.

But unfortunately celebrating Cameron’s birthday ended after his 18th birthday. As many of you know Cameron ended his life on August 11, 2005 the same year he turned 18.

Many parents in similar dire straits wonder if it’s okay to celebrate their dead child’s birthday. I say wholeheartedly “Yes!” Our children were still born and it was a glorious, if not agonizing moment.

I cherish every moment I shared with my son – yep , even the stinky diapers! And even the painful times when we knew he was doing drugs and acting like a total ass. Those days were hard but now I see that it’s helpful for me to be able to share those experiences with others so they might be able save their children.

So today I will celebrate my son’s birth into this world and put aside his death for now. He still brought smiles to many, many people during this short stay here on earth.

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Love always,




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